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  • Central Maryland Best Of 2023

    Vote Future of Fitness As the Best Of 2023 Bootcamp Vote Bootcamp Gym Vote Gym Here Personal Trainer Vote Personal Trainer Here Weight Loss Program Vote Weight Loss Here Physical Therapy Vote Physical Therapy Here ....

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  • Range of Motion vs. Flexibility

    Range of Motion vs. Flexibility

    Everyone knows the words mobility and flexibility, they are buzz words in the fitness community. Many people mistakenly use the terms interchangeably, and although flexibility is a component of mobility; they are different. Flexibility is the ability of a muscle(s) to lengthen. Mobility is the ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion. An example of this theory is people who claim to have tight hamstring and can’t touch their toes. We get them to lay on their back lifting their leg up to almost pas 90 degrees. Now does this mean you have no flexibility or lack of range of motion in your hips and lower back? I believe it is the later, this is a ....

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  • Being Fit After 40 & Beyond

    Being Fit After 40 & Beyond

    As we know, health and fitness as we age becomes even more important. We all want to be able to travel, see our kids grow up, get married, and eventually playing with our grandkids. In order to do all of these things we have to be somewhat healthy to live our best lives we have to take care of our bodies. Taking care of your body can be a tricky puzzle and let’s just say the older we get the trickier things get. Hell, let’s face the truth the older you get; you start losing pieces to the damn puzzle. Alright so here are the 3 Key Tips to fitness as we age: 1. Movement: Everyone needs to get up and move. Being sedentary is one of the worst things we can do as we age! ....

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  • Why Am I Sore? What Can I Do?

    Why Am I Sore? What Can I Do?

    On an everyday basis I ask various clients are they “sore”, usually I get a response of YES, with a grimace. I normally respond “great, cool or nice” and they all think “asshole” and laugh. In reality I am an “asshole” but not because of the soreness question. What many don’t realize is that being sore, as uncomfortable as it is, is a good thing. You crush your morning workout-running farther, lifting heavier or completing one extra round. But that sweet satisfaction can quickly turn to regret the next morning when you’re too sore to wash up or get dressed. But where does that come from and why does it always show up a ....

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  • The Future of Future of Fitness

    “It was all a Dream!!” – Biggie Smalls Ever since I graduated college and began my teaching career, I always dreamt of owning a gym. After years of schooling and almost a decade of being a personal trainer my dream came true. In 2011 I was able to open the doors of Future of Fitness. We started off as a small 2500 Sq Ft facility that provided the community with great service and fitness knowledge. We steadily grew, weathering the storms of most small businesses. In 2019 we expanded to a total of 5000 sq ft, and has serviced over 1500 clients since opening. After surviving the Covid pandemic, we have the opportunity to continue to grow and bring the ultimate ....

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  • Testimonial – Lincoln

    Before joining Future of Fitness, Lincoln, was doing absolutely nothing. He was brought to the gym by a good friend and was about 25 pounds heavier. He struggled the first six months, but he stuck with his new routine and since joining Future of Fitness he has lots 15-17 pounds, increased his bench press, and can squat about 225 pounds. When he first came, he could not do a pull up but now he can do four sets of 10 reps! Lincoln has been coming to Future of Fitness for over seven years and he says it’s because of the atmosphere and continues to recommend his friends to come check out the gym. He feels Future of Fitness is for everyone and all levels. You can come to Future of Fitness ....

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  • Testimonial – Kristen

    Before coming to Future of Fitness, Kristen was playing soccer and lifting weights, but not consistently. Since joining Future of Fitness, she has been lifting heavier and has noticed a huge change in her body confidence, overall appearance, and her overall willingness to get up and workout! Kristen recommends Future of Fitness to others because she feels everyone holds you accountable and will start asking where you’ve been if you miss a class. Kristen believes Future of Fitness is for everyone and that you should never feel shy because there is always someone to keep pushing and motivate you! ....

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  • Testimonial – Mary

    Before coming to Future of Fitness, Mary was working out at a larger gym where she did the same workouts, didn’t really interact with people, and wasn’t seeing results. Since joining Future of Fitness she has lost weight, become more fit, feels stronger, learned to enjoy different workouts, and figured out how to get he results she’s wanted. She recommends Future of Fitness because it’s a community where the other people you are working out with are very encouraging and you get the results you want! She feels you will work harder, push yourself, and enjoy the process at Future of Fitness. ....

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