Sarah Cruikshank

Massage Therapist / Fascial Stretch Therapist

Sarah Cruikshank is recognized as one of three individuals in the state of Maryland who is licensed and certified as a massage therapist and as a stretch therapist. She is licensed and certified by both the State of Maryland and the NCTMB as a Massage Therapist and a Level II Fascial Stretch Therapist by the Stretch to Win Institute.

Emilee Roughton


Emilee started as a kickboxing instructor in North Carolina and fell in love with fitness, which led her to personal training. She's planning to attend school to become a licensed dietician. Emilee joined Future of Fitness as an intern and cannot wait to see what becomes of her career.

Chakeia Ragin


Chakeia “Chak” Ragin fell in love with fitness as a Future of Fitness client. Bringing her military group training experience, leadership and ISSA fitness certification; she is highly motivated to bring the best out of the FoF clients.

Becky Coward

Trainer / Instructor

Rebecca Coward, or "Becky", has her B.A. in exercise sport science from UNCG and is ACSM certified. She has over 10 years of training and group training experience. She believes that the only health and fitness limits are in your head. You are in complete control of your fitness.

Bill Cummings

Trainer / Instructor

Bill Cummings is one of the areas most sought after personal trainers and fitness coaches. He is an American Fitness Professional Association Certified Personal Trainer. He has been a certified trainer for 10 years, but has been involved in fitness all his life.

Mac James

Owner / Head Trainer

Mac James is a nationally recognized strength, speed, and conditioning coach, personal trainer, body-worker, motivational speaker, and founder of Future of Fitness in Crofton, MD- a world class facility that provides personal training, strength and conditioning, therapeutic massage, nutritional guidance, and body work.